Dave Filoni is Only Directing One Episode of The Mandalorian Season 2

We’ve known that Dave Filoni would be returning to The Mandalorian in its second season to direct, but now we know how many episodes he’ll be doing.

In an interview with Deadline, Filoni revealed that he’ll only be directing one episode this season. In Season One, Filoni directed two episodes: Chapter 1: The Mandalorian and Chapter 5: The Gunslinger (which he also wrote). Obviously he’ll still be involved with the series behind the scenes, but one has to wonder if the episode he’s directing involves a character he created.

This week we learned that Ant-Man director Peyton Reed will direct an episode, and Robert Rodriguez confirmed long-running rumors that he directed on the series as well. There are sure to be a lot more directors revealed over the next few months before the October premiere of Season Two.