Colin Farrell Says ‘The Batman’ Might Resume Production in August

If you’ve been looking at some of the fandom Twitter feeds you might have seen some, uh, interesting conspiracy theories being hatched about the future of Batman. Some people are claiming that AT&T and WB want Ben Affleck back so bad they’re about to cancel The Batman; despite about 25% of it already having been filmed. But now that theory looks to be debunked soon as it sounds like production will start back up in a couple of months.

Colin Farrell was on Ireland’s RTÉ Late Late Show, and was asked about the filming of The Batman following the pandemic:

I heard a rumbling a couple of days ago that they were thinking of shooting in August, I think, but what that looks like even I’ve no idea. Have they put a plan in place? That was a huge film with a crew of four or five hundred people. I assume there’ll have to be a way diminished crew, and I assume they’ll be checking temperatures before people go on the set, and people will be wearing masks. But I have no idea, it’s really really day to day.

So if production of The Batman is going to start back up again in August, that would mean all of those claims from people on social media that WB was going to cancel the movie and bring back an actor who has moved on from Batman are likely completely BS.