The Clone Wars Siege of Mandalore Begins This Week

A story arc fans have heard about for years in The Clone Wars will finally begin this week, as the final four episodes of the series begin counting down on Disney+ this week.

Lucasfilm has released a final TV spot for The Clone Wars showing off scenes from the final arc of the show, which will at last show us the Siege of Mandalore. This arc will also likely setup some things that will be dealt with in The Mandalorian Season 2 with the live-action appearance of Ahsoka in the series, and they’ve already teased a solo connection with the appearance of Maul and him wanting to revive the crime syndicates.

So if you’re planning on watching The Mandalorian in October, you might want to tune into this final arc of The Clone Wars to see what Ahsoka does with the Mandalorians at the end of the war: