Something X-Men Related is in the Works for Disney+

Earlier today people noticed that Disney+ added new X-Men account icons. While most people including myself didn’t think these meant anything major, in the hours since they were added I’ve learned that there is something related to the X-Men in the works. I doubt it’s something as crazy as a live action series or New Mutants (will explain why it may not be that shortly), but there are a couple options what it could be…

  • It’s possible they could be adding some of the older Fox movies to the service in the US, as they’re available in other countries, but some have said that HBO has some kind of deal in place for the newer movies (such as Dark Phoenix) until 2022. That would likely rule out New Mutants too.
  • A while ago the creators of the 90s X-Men series said they were going to pitch a revival to Disney. Kevin Feige is reportedly a fan of that original series, and he’s in charge of all Marvel television now. The icons added are of the 90s X-Men and not the Fox era versions. This is the most exciting possibility of what’s going on.

If they’re already adding more X-Men customization to the service, it’s very possible what’s being planned isn’t far off from being announced.