Rumored Eternals Funko Pops List Reveals Two Villains

It’s that time of year, when merchandise for upcoming fall releases will begin to leak out. While there aren’t pictures yet, a rumored list of the Funko Pops for Eternals has surfaced, and it includes two names we haven’t seen connected with the movie yet.

In addition to the main team of Eternals, it looks like we’ll be seeing Arishem the Celestial and Kro the Deviant in the film:

Kro is a Deviant and is obviously one of the villains in the movie, while Arisham is the leader of the four celestial hosts of Earth; meaning he’ll probably be the prominent Celestial we’ll see in the movie. The movie look for Arisham was also revealed on the D23 Expo 2019 Marvel Studios mural: