Rumor: Captain Marvel 2 Will Setup New Avengers

A couple of weeks ago, Marvel Studios officially dated Captain Marvel 2 for July 2022. Long believed by some on the internet to be a Secret Invasion movie, that storyline is apparently being used for a Disney+ series. After the original movie made $1 billion at the box office, and Kevin Feige said that Captain Marvel would be leading the MCU going forward, her sequel is going to be a pivotal entry in the upcoming storyline.

Now, Marvel is working on some kind of Young Avengers project, and it’s likely much further along that whatever the next big screen Avengers is. A lot of people think that Young Avengers is for a movie, and while those characters will definitely cross over into the films like all of the Disney+ characters will, it’s likely the “Young Avengers” you’re seeing talked about right now is something for the streaming service.

But Disney isn’t going to discard of one of the biggest box office franchises of all time, and there are plans for a new Avengers film in the next several years. And the rumor right now is that Captain Marvel 2 is meant to set the stage for whatever story that New Avengers movie will tell, much like how Captain America: Civil War in 2016 setup the Avengers status quo in Avengers: Infinity War two years later.

There’s also a possibility that whoever ends up directing the Captain Marvel sequel may get a chance at doing New Avengers as well, similar to how the Russos went from Civil War into the last two Avengers films. On the other hand, there’s another name being floated for the New Avengers director that would be a huge fan favorite (due to Spider-Man being in New Avengers). But all of that’s way too far out to know for sure.

So much like in the comics, it looks like we may be getting multiple superhero teams in the MCU. On the Disney+ side they’re setting up characters such as Kate Bishop, Wiccan, Speed, and Patriot for a Young Avengers team, the big screen will see a New Avengers led by Captain Marvel, and that’s not even including the Thunderbolts and other teams such as Marvel’s First Family. Those thinking the MCU is slowing down or will be smaller after Avengers: Endgame will probably be quite surprised what the next couple of Phases will bring…