James Gunn Teases a Death in Guardians 3 and He Has No Plans For a Fourth Movie

Tonight James Gunn did another one of his Q&As on Instagram, and obviously the questions alternated between DC’s The Suicide Squad (he’s currently editing) and Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 3, which most people expect to be the May 2023 MCU release.

One of the big Guardians questions is that he said someone will die in the movie, but of course that could just be referencing a villain or no-name character who dies as that happens in almost every Marvel movie:

Then he said that he planned the story as a trilogy if the first did well, and has no plans for a fourth. This coincides with a previous Tweet by him where he said the third movie would be the end of the story for this team.

There weren’t any other major revelations about Guardians 3 in this Q&A (the slide mentioning Lyria and Kamaria on Reddit is fake, it wasn’t in his story). But he did say we might see footage of The Suicide Squad sometime this year, and he was likely going to go to SDCC if it happened.