Details on the Eternals’ Rumored ‘Rushed Production’ Revealed

Last week a rumor was publicly surfaced on social media about the production of Eternals, which was being discussed among movie reporters for several months. This probably wasn’t going to come out until closer to the film’s release, when set reports start being published, but it surfaced online following the movie’s delay to February 2021.

MCU Cosmic Patreons already know these details after this weekend’s podcast, but now they’re out for everyone to see for themselves. Daniel Richtman told The Direct how the script was reportedly not completely finished when production started and the biggest thing was that the design of the Black Knight costume wasn’t complete. That’s something that’s going to be fixed in post-production and possible reshoots.

Recently one of the VFX houses said they were working remotely, before word came out their contracts were cancelled. The delay of Eternals will give them a little more time to polish the movie, assuming everything with this virus works out and they don’t have to shift the whole slate again.