Warner Considering a Digital VOD Release of Wonder Woman 1984

With the coronavirus pandemic throwing the entire world into a state of confusion and change, one of the biggest things going on right now is a drastic shift in movie distribution. Many studios, including Warner Brothers, are releasing their movies on digital VOD either early or as new movies as theaters are closed around the country.

Now The Wrap reports that Warner is debating a direct digital release of Wonder Woman 1984, due to the uncertainty about the near-future of movie theaters in the US. They say it’s just being debated, and it sounds like even if it does happen the movie will still play in a movie theater at some point in the future.

A lot of people really hate this idea, but it’s honestly the only way for some studios to recoup lost revenue as movie theaters remain shuttered around the world. If this happens, Wonder Woman 1984 won’t be the only blockbuster to be released this way in 2020.