New Black Widow Trailer Debunks Popular Taskmaster Fan Theory

This morning Marvel Studios released the final trailer for Black Widow, and with it finally debunked a long-running fan theory about Taskmaster.

Ever since Marvel decided to keep Tasky’s identity secret, people have been pushing a crazy theory that it’s really Rachel Weisz in the armor. The new trailer proves that they are different people.

As we’ve seen in previous footage, there’s a scene where people are skydiving among falling debris. The trailer shows that Melina is flying a helicopter during this scene:

This raises a huge problem for people who think she’s Taskmaster, as during that same scene with the falling debris; he’s fighting Natasha:

We know who’s really playing Taskmaster, he’s the only cast member you don’t see in any of the trailers yet; “Mason” played by O-T Fagbenle. Some people think it’s Ray Winstone, but he’s likely playing Ivan Petrovich who started the Widow program.