More Evidence Hints at Enchantress Appearing in Loki

Back in January, I ran an article speculating that the long-awaited MCU debut of Enchantress might happen in the Disney+ Loki series. This was based both on casting for a blonde stand-in and some things I’ve heard about the character behind the scenes. Now a new piece of evidence has surfaced pointing to Enchantress in the series.

Jacob, who runs DiscussingFilm, found an entry on IMDB Pro where someone was cast as “Young Sylvie” in the series:

IMDB Pro is different than the normal IMDB (that almost anyone can edit) and is a subscription service that is only able to be modified by verified people. Meaning that if this person was cast as “Young Sylvie” in the show, it’s likely accurate.

Of course, Enchantress is also known as Sylvie Lushton, so this casting would point to a younger version of the character appearing at one point in the show. As for the adult Enchantress, we’ll just have to wait and see if anyone is cast who looks like they could be playing her…