MCU Cosmic’s Second Anniversary

Two years ago this week I launched MCU Cosmic. For those of you who aren’t aware of how the site came about, for about eight years I ran a fab site for a friend of mine. I often would want to make improvements or do things with social media (like YouTube) with the site, but couldn’t since I didn’t control it.

Back in 2016 the site was sold off to an investment firm. When that happens the people who are really only buying the brand make all sorts of promises, most of which never happen and the site ends up a husk of what it used to be. On the first day of SDCC in 2017, that investment firm decided to transfer the site to a different owner, without any notification to those actually operating it. As a result, it was down for the entirety of San Diego Comic Con.

For me that was the last straw, and I decided to launch my own site that I could control and do what I wanted with. So for a while in 2017 I just ran a general blog. Towards the end of the year I even considered doing a DC-specific site, but the toxicity surrounding Justice League made me decide against it at the time. So Marvel it was.

I’ve been very happy with the site over the last two years and how it’s grown. I hate being considered a “scooper”. I’m just a fan like everyone else who is told things by sources because I’m not one to out them on social media or elsewhere to put their jobs in danger. Not everyone is 100%, yea I got the Avengers title wrong and toxic anonymous trolls (and even one guy who runs a major film site) will never let me forget that in the hopes I’d just go away. But I at least try to not be those other sites or personalities who post a new “scoop” every single day. It doesn’t work that way. You get something once in a while, not a new plot every day of a movie ten years away that hasn’t been announced. And I at least try to verify scoops, sources, or where they got it in the first place.

A year ago I was excited for the future of the site and where things can go. This year I’m not. I’m lacking the motivation to continue, honestly. I love covering Marvel here, DC on DCEU Mythic, and Star Wars on Star Wars Unity; but the constant harassment (and yes death threats) I receive from anonymous trolls hiding behind cartoon avatars or pictures of whatever character they’re a fan of is really taking its toll.

People say have a thick skin and ignore them, but that’s a bit hard when you wake up to death threats in your email from a disposable account or people who make burner accounts on social media just for the purpose to harass someone else (usually after their main account was blocked for the same thing). Hell, there’s a “popular” twitter account that’s secretly run by a prominent YouTuber that exists solely to screen capture other people’s Tweets and incite harassment against them. I’m not even going to start with the disposable anonymity of Reddit and the hell that goes on there.

Right now the world is suffering from a global pandemic that affects everyone. I’m eternally grateful for the supporters on the MCU Cosmic Patreon. They’ve all been supportive when they see me going through stuff, and without them I (and this site) wouldn’t survive past April. Fingers are crossed this thing we’re all going through doesn’t last into June…

So I just want to thank everyone for supporting the site and podcast over the last two years, and I really hope I can find the motivation to continue running this site for multiple years into the future. Everything has its ups and downs, and right now it just feels like a big down.

Hopefully the toxicity will pass soon. Despite the pandemic affecting the world, there are Marvel things being discussed behind the scenes that we could hear about even during isolation. Hopefully fans will learn to not shoot the messenger by then.