Matt Fraction’s Hawkeye Costume Rumored to Appear in the Disney+ Series

We know that the upcoming Disney+ Hawkeye series is heavily inspired by the iconic Matt Fraction run of Hawkeye. From Kate Bishop to the Tracksuit Draculas, the show is looking a lot like an adaptation of that Hawkeye story; only applied to the Marvel Cinematic Universe version of the character.

One thing from that series that might also show up is Fraction’s “costume” for Clint. While he did spent a lot of the comic in just jeans and a T-Shirt, which we’ve already seen in the concept art shown on Disney+, he also had a “costume” that was almost as simple with a black shirt featuring a big purple logo on the chest.

I’ve heard that this may end up in some way in the series. If he doesn’t actually wear it, you might see the shirt hanging in the background or something. It might end up being something like how Scarlet Witch’s comic book look is referenced in WandaVision, where it’s a costume she wears in the Halloween episode:

Likewise, I’ve heard that US Agent’s original black costume might also receive a similar nod in The Falcon and The Winter Soldier.

With that comic book costume in WandaVision, and these rumors about the costumes in Hawkeye and The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, it seems like the Disney+ series are giving Marvel a chance to have a little fun and really give fans nods to the familiar comic looks of the characters. DC did something similar in Suicide Squad where Harley Quinn holds up her original animated series jumpsuit, so these references in the Disney+ series might end up being something like to that.