Kevin Smith Has Heard a Rumor of a Famous Marvel Lawyer in Spider-Man 3

Marvel fans have long speculated that Peter Parker might need the services of a lawyer in next year’s Spider-Man 3. While some have been thinking it could be Jennifer Walters, a.k.a. She-Hulk, there’s another possibility that just got a big hint from a huge Spidey fan.

On Kevin Smith’s latest episode of Fatman Beyond he says:

I heard another piece of good f**kn’ news. Did You hear that Spider-Man, the new Spider-Man movie, gonna have a lawyer in it?

When Marc asked him, “Is it the She-Hulk?” Kevin replied:

Charlie Cox, they’re bringing in as Matt Murdock. That’s been the rumor online and they say that’s like the one that like Marvel’s like, ‘god damn it how did that get out?’

He says it’s just a rumor he’s heard online, but he actually named Charlie Cox as the Daredevil they’d be using. And if that were to actually happen, Marvel fans would easily make the third Spider-Man surpass the $1 billion that Far From Home made…