Kevin Feige Explains Why Black Widow is Arriving After The Infinity Saga

Yesterday was a pretty big day for Black Widow with the release of the new trailer and poster as well as some things revealed about Taskmaster. Now there’s some new information about the movie surfacing, including some comments about it from Kevin Feige.

In Entertainment Weekly’s cover feature, Kevin Feige explains why the Black Widow movie is coming out after The Infinity Saga concluded:

“We had been planning the conclusion for the Infinity Saga for the past five or six years, and Natasha’s journey within those films took the priority,” Feige explains. “The notion of breaking out for a stand-alone film that takes place in the past, for a character that we already knew and were already following, didn’t feel right.”

Marvel fans might be aware of the legend that Feige and Marvel Studios wanted to do a Black Widow solo movie around 2011, but were shot down by those in charge at the time because of the belief that a female superhero wouldn’t sell toys. If that Black Widow movie were made before the first Avengers, it likely wouldn’t have ten years of MCU history to build off of, meaning the one we’re going to get in May is likely the better version compared to what would’ve been if they could’ve made that movie a decade ago.