Jim Lee Talks About the Positive Future of the DC Extended Universe

The annual C2E2 convention is taking place in Chicago this weekend, and during a panel with DC Comics publisher Jim Lee, someone tried to get him to talk about the Snyder Cut. Of course, Jim’s a very bright guy, so he knows how such a question will be taken by the internet, so he used the opportunity to talk about the future of the DC Extended Universe.

“You know if I say the word “Snyder Cut” that the clickbait headline is “Jim Lee talks about the Snyder Cut” and then you know in the comments…The questions will be, “How did he say the words Snyder Cut? Did he say it in a positive way or in a negative way? How much was it Snyder…Cut hopeful or Snyder Cut downplayed?” I don’t know? So it’s a really tough question to answer.

I will say, the only thing I’ll say about this, is that there’s sometimes a movement to sort of segregate the audience and kind of dismiss a group and say, “They’re not the fans, they’re the people who like this. Or they only like that.” And I think that’s something we would need to resist. Honestly, we need every comic book fan that’s out there. Whether you want the Snyder Cut or not you’re a DC fan, and I want you to be a DC fan.

That said, we’ve been working on the slate. We have an amazing Batman movie, Suicide Squad is just killer, and Black Adam next year. These are all next year, with Wonder Woman ’84 which has tremendous momentum from the first movie, which was amazing. There’s a lot of great positive things happening, and that universe is continuing to move on. I think next year is the first time every that we’ll have three theatrical releases in one year. Walter Hamada who’s in charge of DC Films is a great partner who loves DC, super creative, great relationship with filmmakers. So we’re very positive, and hopeful for the future of the DC Extended Universe.”

For those following along, his response isn’t that surprising. DC and Warner Brothers are looking toward their bright future with a full slate of movies on the way. That’s why they’re not interested in revisiting a three-year-old movie.