How The Pandemic Has Affected Marvel Studios

Following all of the shut downs over the last couple of weeks, there is a lot of confusion out there about how it’s affecting Marvel (and even Disney as a whole), and there is a bit of misinformation being spread around. That tends to happen in situations like this, but hopefully I can clear up some of the confusion about what is and isn’t happening.

As everyone knows all filming has been shut down. That means any part of production that can’t be done remotely isn’t happening, and that’s why you may be seeing people say they’ve been let go for the foreseeable future. There’s no idea when this whole thing will end, so that side of Marvel and Disney (as well as every other studio) is dormant right now.

But that doesn’t mean everything is shut down. There’s still development going on (such as early work on Young Avengers), and even a lot of post-production can be done remotely. Not just Disney is doing that, James Gunn revealed he’s editing The Suicide Squad from home as did Amazon’s The Boys for their second season.

Even outside of production being done remotely, there are still people working at Marvel Studios (and Disney) though all of this from home. I’ve talked to people who described near “constant” video conferences as discuss all sorts of things, such as Black Widow’s release. Other parts of Disney and Marvel are operating the same way. With the theme parks, movie theaters, and retail closed; Disney’s financials are being seriously threatened and the content houses like Marvel Sudios, Pixar, and Lucasfilm are all they have in this situation where people are stuck in their homes.

Despite filming being shut down, it’s still far too soon to even begin speculating how this will affect the MCU plans they’re working off of. It’s not even April yet. Last week, Variety spoke to someone who said Black Widow’s delay won’t affect the timeline, and that’s likely because they’re working on a plan for people to see the movie sooner rather than later. Marvel Studios also always has more than one back up plan, so no matter how long this shut down lasts they’ll have a plan in place for the storyline.