Dave Bautista Says James Gunn Wanted to do a Drax & Mantis Movie

Last September, news was going around the internet that Dave Bautista really wanted a solo Drax movie and would do anything to get it made. Now comes a new bit of news about such a movie, and he says James Gunn had an idea for one.

Bautista hung out at the Funko HQ with Collider Video, and told them that James Gunn wanted to make a Drax & Mantis movie but it just wouldn’t fit into Marvel’s plan:

“James Gunn had the idea to do a Drax-Mantis movie. That’s what I’d be up for because there’s just too much fun there.

Well, he wanted to do it, he had an idea for it. It’s just Marvel has their slot for the next fix years and they know how their story is going to go. It’s hard for them to have an idea for a film and say “yeah we want to fit that into here”. It just didn’t fit into their schedule.”

James Gunn is currently finishing up The Suicide Squad for Warner Bros. and once that’s 100% complete he’ll begin pre-production on Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 3. With that on the way, we’ll probably not be seeing a solo Drax movie anytime soon.