Black Widow’s May Release is Uncertain

The spread of the coronavirus around the world has thrown a lot of things into chaos and it’s such a fluid situation things are changing on an hourly basis. If you asked me a week ago, and I think some did, if Black Widow would be delayed; I wouldn’t think it would because Disney didn’t move Onward or Mulan. However, Onward opened much lower than the box office tracking was predicting, and Mulan‘s international premieres are having the red carpet cancelled.

Now Brazilian Black Widow fan site Black Widow Brazil spoke to Scarlett Johansson’s manager via Instagram about the release date moving, and they were told they were unsure right now but hoped to have more information soon. I was able to confirm this conversation took place, so it looks like there are things going on behind the scenes that are putting that May 1st release in doubt.

Any of this can change at a moment’s notice. As I’m writing this article the release date could’ve moved. But from the sounds of that conversation and other things going around, it’s possible they’re waiting to see how Mulan opens up next weekend before making any final decision, especially with what happened with Onward last weekend and all of the recent delays such as F9 moving to 2021. Then again, if something happens to Mulan‘s release; then things are completely changing again. Everything is chaotic and fluid right now.

Which brings up the question of when they could delay it to? Some, back when No Time to Die was delayed, suggested moving it to Eternal‘s spot in November and that movie to the already-packed 2021. Personally, I think August would be great. They could roll out Black Widow in theaters, and then The Falcon and The Winter Soldier on Disney+ a couple weeks after that.

Whatever happens we’ll probably know for sure within the next couple of weeks. Even sooner if something else crazy happens.