An Eternals Love Triangle is Confirmed

Ever since the first footage of Eternals was shown at CCXP in Brazil back in December, rumors surfaced that the movie would involve a love triangle between three characters. The CCXP footage hinted that Ikaris and Sersi had a history together, and then we saw Sersi and Dane kissing in set photos during the filming in London. Now that love triangle is confirmed.

In an interview with Vanity Fair Italia, Gemma Chan says Sersi is involved with two love stories in the movie:

“Sersi is the one that has the most affinity with humans, indeed she is even involved in two love stories, an absolute novelty for Marvel events and one of the reasons that attracted me of this project.”

Even though Sersi and Dane are the two lead characters, the upcoming trailer for the movie will apparently feature a lot of footage of Ikaris and Thena as they’re the biggest starts in the ensemble cast.