Movie Theaters’ ‘Social Distancing’ Policy is Bad News for Black Widow’s May Date

A lot of movies are having their release dates pushed back due to the coronavirus pandemic, but for now Marvel Studios’ Black Widow remains on the calendar for May 1st. However, you need to be prepared for that to change.

If you look outside to what’s going on right now, people really aren’t rushing to see movies in a theater. Pixar’s Onward isn’t doing very well due to that, and Disney delayed Mulan yesterday. Even new movies this weekend such as the Valiant Comics movie Bloodshot are playing to near-empty or completely empty theaters. It’s not a good situation for movies right now. Things are probably going to get worse, especially for Black Widow.

AMC Theaters and Regal (two of the biggest theater chains in the US) are implementing a “social distancing” policy, which you can read the details on via Deadline, and it’ll remain in effect until April 30th; when the Thursday night premiere showings of Black Widow would be taking place. And if this coronavirus pandemic continues into April, it wouldn’t be surprising if that policy is extended.

I want to see Black Widow as much as any of you, but you need to be prepared to wait a little longer to see the first movie in Phase 4. It’s very likely the decision to move the film has already been made, especially after the Mulan delay, and they’re just trying to figure out when to move it to…