The Search for Kate Bishop in Hawkeye Continues

Earlier this week I let you know how Clint Barton’s brother was set to appear in the Disney+ Hawkeye series and in that article I mentioned how they still haven’t locked down Kate Bishop just yet. I feel that needs to be expanded upon.

Firstly, Hailee Steinfeld is still Marvel’s #1 choice for Kate Bishop. That’s never changed. But as most people know by now there’s an issue with her and Apple. As Hawkeye is still working towards its original air date, they need to find their Kate. That means they are exploring other options just in case it doesn’t work out with Hailee.

In the near future Marvel is going to meet with a couple of actresses for the role. Both have starred in movies, one co-started in a big budget sci-if/fantasy film a couple of years ago, and both would make a great Kate Bishop if things don’t work out with Hailee. I will say that neither of them are anyone the Internet has been fan casting (sorry Liana Ramirez fans).

Once again, Hailee remains Marvel’s top choice for Kate Bishop, but to keep Hawkeye on schedule they always have a backup plan.

The good news is the actresses they are looking at would be great in the role and it’s a testament to Marvel Studios’ amazing casting that even a backup plan could result in perfect casting.

As things are moving pretty quickly on Hawkeye I wouldn’t be surprised if a Hollywood trade has news one way or the other on Kate Bishop in the near future…