The Batman’s Batsuit May Take Inspiration From Kevin Smith’s Detective #1000 Story

As people began to brighten the images of the The Batman’s Batsuit reveal last night, many noticed something interesting about the bat symbol.

It appears that the symbol might be made up of the remains of a gun, which is interesting as that’s something that was done in the comics very recently:

This could be a reference to Kevin Smith’s story in Detective Comics #1000 where Batman hunts down the gun that killed his parents. Instead of just putting it in his collection of artifacts in the Batcave, Batman melts down the gun and turns it into the body armor that’s behind the bat symbol on his suit:

Kevin even responded to this as many hoped he would, praying it’s true that they used his great Batman story as inspiration for the batsuit:

Obviously we won’t know until more information about The Batman comes out, but this is certainly a very cool idea for the batsuit and a way to reference one of the best Batman stories written.