Squadron Supreme Rumored to Appear in Loki

With The Falcon and The Winter Solider and WandaVision wrapping up their filming soon for their debuts later this year and a couple more starting producton this July, the big Marvel Studios Disney+ series that’s deep into filming right now is Loki and as such there are a lot of rumors coming out about what we may or may not see in the series.

The latest rumor comes from Bleeding Cool who believes Squadron Supreme will be appearing in the series, as apparently a producer on the show went into a pretty big comic book store and bought a Squadron Supreme trade paperback. That sort of connection isn’t rare when a show is being made, as we all remember when Daniel Brühl’s manager kept posting pictures of Baron Zemo and Thunderbolts comics on Instagram.

For those unaware, the Squadron Supreme is basically Marvel’s copy of DC’s Justice League. With Loki traveling to alternate timelines and dimensions, their debut in the series makes a lot of sense as they could be a fun alternative to The Avengers in one of those parallel universes.

With the possibility of Squadron Supreme along with the Time Variance Authority, Loki is shaping up to be a very interesting (and potentially major) addition to the MCU…