Sony’s MCU Flash Thompson Instagram Begins Teasing Morbius

To tie into the “Flash Mob” comic relief subplot in Spider-Man: Far From Home, Sony created an Instagram account for Flash Thompson. The account is simply one of those marketing things to tie into a movie while looking like someone’s real Instagram. Through the use of on-set photography and videos taken during the filming of Far From Home (that a normal fan wouldn’t have access to), the account made it look like it was really Flash Thompson’s chronicling his European trip in the movie. Now Sony has started to use the “account” of a character who exists in the MCU to tease their upcoming Morbius movie.

The account posted an Instagram story from “Flash” referencing MCU events. They used a piece of fan art created by SPDRMNKYXXIII that Sony found on Instagram, while deleting the Daredevil part since Sony can’t use him. This was done to try to tie the MCU to Sony’s universe where Morbius is set:

This is just more evidence (beyond what’s officially out there) that Sony will be referencing the Marvel Cinematic Universe in their Spider-Man movies and not an older universe such as the Raimi one.