Sony Releasing an Untitled Marvel Movie in October 2021

Morbius is speeding towards its July release, and Venom 2 is towards the end of production for a October bow, but Sony isn’t slowing down with their Sony Universe of Marvel Characters.

The studio has dated an UNTITLED SONY/MARVEL film for October 8, 2021. There’s no way to know what it could be at this time, although Sony has been wanting to do a Sinister Six movie for years and rumor has it that Morbius begins to set that up in some way.

Also, as this is releasing a few months after Sony releases the third Tom Holland Spider-Man movie, fans might have to prepare themselves for Tom showing up in this movie.

After all, there are rumors of him having a cameo in Venom 2, and following the third MCU movie that deals with the aftermath of Far From Home; Sony is probably going to use Spidey as much as they can in their universe. That’s the trade-off fans are going to need to live with in order to let Spider-Man continue to play in the MCU…