Sersi and Black Knight Confirmed to be the Leads of The Eternals

It’s been suspected for a long time, but now there appears to be confirmation of who exactly the two lead characters in the story of The Eternals will be. Even though it’s an ensemble cast, the story will focus on two specific characters and we know who they are now.

According to a post earlier this week by Daniel Richtman, the two leads in the movie were confirmed to be Sersi and Black Knight to people who visited the set prior to the end of production. If you remember the set photos that leaked from the London filming, it’s a love story between the immortal Eternal Sersi and the human Dane Whitman (also known as Black Knight). The two characters have a long history together in the comics and were very prominent members of The Avengers in the early 90s, so this news shouldn’t shock those who are familiar with the original versions of the two.

A love story between a human and an Eternal was also part of the Jack Kirby run, where Margo Damian met Ikaris. In the MCU version, Dan Whitman is taking on the human role that Margo Damian played in the comic (and there are rumors he’s an archeologist as well), while Sersi is the Eternal he falls in love with.

Of course this brings up the question of how the MCU Ikaris fits into all of this as they cast Richard Madden in the role, and the footage screened at CCXP back in December seems to indicate that he and Sersi have a history together, much like in the comics as well. That could lead to a love triangle between Black Knight, Ikaris, and Sersi, giving some more drama to the epic that will tell a story over thousands of years.

This news might be disappointing for some fans who were hoping for a bigger role for Ikaris, but it’s clear that Marvel sees this as a potential franchise so it won’t be the last we see of The Eternals in the MCU.