Rumored Morbius Plot Leak Clears Up the Spider-Man Suit Confusion

When the Morbius trailer came out last month, many on the internet used the shot of the Spider-Man PS4 screen shot to hatch elaborate conspiracy theories that the movie was really set in the Raimi Spider-Man universe despite MCU characters such as Michael Keaton’s Vulture showing up in it.

Now a rumored plot leak for the movie (CAUTION: potential spoilers) has popped up on Reddit, the mods of the subreddit have spoken to the poster and were able to verify that it could be legit, and part of it says we’ll see the Spider-Man: Homecoming suit in the movie as opposed to the PlayStation 4 Raimi suit:

“On the way he passes the Spider-Man poster tagged “MURDERER” and unlike in the trailer the picture used resembles the Homecoming suit instead of the Raimi suit.”

It’s seeming to be more likely that the PlayStation 4 screen shot was just used in haste of getting the shot ready for the trailer, while we’ll see the actual current Spider-Man suit in the finished movie. Which means all of those crazy Raimi-verse conspiracy theories people are obsessing about will probably be forgotten as quickly as the theories of Hugh Jackman showing up in Avengers: Endgame were.