Red Hulk is Rumored for Thunderbolts in the MCU

Yesterday a report emerged that Thunderbolt Ross would indeed be hulking out as the Red Hulk in the future of the MCU. It’s something that’s been a long time coming, ever since we saw that he was still experimenting with the Super Soldier Serum all the way back in The Incredible Hulk.

Daniel Richtman, who released the news yesterday, was clear in saying that it was unknown where Red Hulk would appear; only that it would be in an upcoming project that’s in development. While there has been speculation out there already of where he’ll show up, today it’s come more into focus.

The rumor today is that he’s actually destined for the Thunderbolts project that Marvel is working on, which they’re going to begin building to in the movies and Disney+ shows very soon.

This makes obvious sense as Thunderbolt Ross builds the Thunderbolts team, and one of the more recent runs of the comic featured him on the team as Red Hulk. That version of the team also featured Deadpool, Punisher, Ghost Rider, Elektra, and Venom. Obviously Venom likely wouldn’t show up on the MCU team, but those other members are possibilities; especially with Red Hulk headed to Thunderbolts.

While Thunderbolt Ross will appear in Black Widow, there are also rumors that The Falcon and The Winter Soldier will be the real kick-off to the build to Thunderbolts in the MCU; so we won’t have much longer to wait to see one of the more popular Marvel teams tearing up the universe.