Isaiah Bradley Reported to Play a Part in The Falcon and The Winter Soldier’s Story

One of the hidden truths in the Marvel Universe is that Steve Rogers wasn’t America’s first attempt at creating a super soldier. This was revealed in the seven-issue mini-series from 2003 titled Truth: Red, White, & Black where it was revealed that America forcibly tested the serum on involuntary soldiers; one of which was Isaiah Bradley.

Bradley went on to become an important member of the Marvel Universe and his grandson Elijah becomes the Young Avenger known as Patriot.

If you listen to the MCU CosmicCast, you might remember a couple of episodes ago I talked about how Marvel has plans to use alternate Captain Americas in the MCU including the 1950s Cap William Burnside as well as Isaiah Bradley, and Isaiah would be then a way to introduce Patriot for the Young Avengers.

Now comes a report from Slashfilm on the casting of Carl Lumbly in The Falcon and The Winter Soldier where they say while it’s possible that he might not be playing Isaiah in the series (speculation is that he could be Sam’s father), the elder Bradley will play a role in the show and behind Sam’s decision to take on the mantle of Captain America:

 According to our sources, the series will be about Falcon initially refusing to take up the mantle of Captain America, but ultimately changing his mind after discovering the secret history of the super soldier program by encountering Bradley, who was actually the “original” Captain America. While we can’t say with 100% certainty that Lumbly is definitely playing Bradley, we know that character is a part of the show, so this casting would make a lot of sense.

Slashfilm, ‘The Falcon and the Winter Soldier’ Adds Carl Lumbly, Possibly as Another Black Captain America February 19, 2020

Even if Lumbly isn’t playing Isaiah Bradley, the character’s part in August’s limited series is just another sign that Marvel is building towards the Young Avengers. As with Isaiah Bradley part of the MCU’s secret history, it means that Elijah isn’t too far behind…