Hawkeye Expected to Begin Production on Schedule

Over the last few months there has been a lot of drama and hysteria over the production of the Disney+ series Hawkeye, based mostly on when it’s going to begin filming. Often sites gather such information from production grids or people on the ground in the area of filming that don’t necessarily have a direct connection to the production, neither of which is ever 100% reliable.

For those unfamiliar with what a grid is, it’s basically a document sent out to agencies in the movie industry with information about a production, such as who’s producing it, or a notice for casting. Many websites have sources who have access to these. A lot of times the casting information (specifically with Marvel Studios) is super vague with just a general description, age range, and a code name for the character. Many times, these grids have dates on them, and other times they won’t. Sometimes a grid will come out with a date, and then weeks later the same one will come out with a different date or no date at all. That’s why they’re not super reliable.

Likewise with the “boots on the ground” way, there are often people who spy on sets in order to get photos of celebrities filming, and they’ll often talk to contractors or people hired to work on the location who may or may not know what Marvel is really planning. Again, neither of those are 100% accurate and the only way to know for sure when something is filming is either with the studio, who will most often deny any questions about that to preserve secrecy, or someone directly connected with the production in some way (beyond just being a contractor hired to build sets or something like that) who is willing to speak anonymously.

Over the last couple of weeks as more has been learned about Hawkeye, multiple sources directly connected to the production of the series have relayed that it is still expected to begin production sometime in July. There’s no word of when in July it would be; the beginning, middle, or end, and there are still factors that need to be resolved such as the casting of Kate Bishop. But as of right now they’re still aiming for some time in July for a summer shoot.

That’s also roughly when Ms. Marvel is rumored to be filming (note: that Ms. Marvel filming date comes from a casting grid), so it could be a similar situation to The Falcon and The Winter Soldier and WandaVision, where the two were filmed at roughly the same time and are being released just a couple of months apart. Recently a Hasbro product release schedule re-confirmed Hawkeye as a 2021 release along with Ms. Marvel.

This makes a lot of sense following Disney’s denial that anything was going on with the production, as well as the activity behind the scenes where Marvel is trying to work out the Kate Bishop situation and have been exploring other options in order to keep the series on schedule. One would hope we will hear casting details before filming begins, however Marvel has been doing a good job keeping that stuff quiet such as in the case of Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, which has been filming for nearly a month in Australia and we still only officially know of three people cast in the movie.

As of this writing, Marvel Studios has produced twenty-five movies and two limited series on Disney+. After that much production, they know what they’re doing and have a very well-oiled machine to ensure they hit their schedule. Kevin Feige always has multiple backup plans to make sure they deliver on what they set out to do. Unless something absolutely catastrophic happens, it looks like this summer will see two more Disney+ shows being filmed, and after Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness begins around May; it appears that Ms. Marvel and Hawkeye may be the next two MCU entries to go before cameras.