Hasbro Merchandise Schedule Confirms Hawkeye is Still Scheduled for 2021

There’s been a lot going on with the Hawkeye Disney+ series behind the scenes. Recently we learned that Trickshot (Clint’s brother Barney) would appear in the series, and while Marvel still wants Hailee Steinfeld for Kate Bishop they have begun to explore other options just in case that Apple contract continues to be an issue.

With the New York Toy Fair going on this week Hasbro is revealing their plans for Marvel for the next two years, and they posted a schedule for their upcoming toys, confirming that Hawkeye is still scheduled for a 2021 debut just like Marvel announced at SDCC last July:

Some people are pointing out the lack of Moon Knight or She Hulk on the schedule, taking it as a sign they won’t be out in 2021 (despite She Hulk filming this fall). It’s possible those will be out in 2021, but due to the number of Marvel projects Hasbro is making that year (nine total) it would’ve been too much product on shelves and instead they’ll save those toy lines for 2022 despite when the series will air.