Everyone’s Favorite Marvel Sidekick May Finally Be Headed to the MCU

We’ve already had a lot of fan-favorite MCU characters show up in the MCU, but with the death of Phil Coulson in the first Avengers movie; the Avengers seemed to lack that human sidekick character who has been a steady fixture in the comic for decades. There wasn’t a Phil Coulson in the comics prior to the MCU, but the Avengers did have a man named Rick Jones.

Acting as a sidekick to the two Captain Marvels, Captain America, and the Hulk; Rick Jones was just a normal guy who was friends with all of these superheroes. He’s also been used in the animated shows, where he was a main character in Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H. where he was voiced by Seth Green.

Three years ago, people speculated that Rick Jones would appear in the original Captain Marvel, based on casting information that turned out to be either for one of the Starforce members or Talos. As we know that wasn’t true and fans didn’t get their MCU Rick Jones then.

Well fans won’t have to wait much longer to see Rick in the MCU, as I’ve learned that Marvel does indeed have plans to introduce him to the MCU in some way. Whether it’ll be in a Disney+ series or movie isn’t known, but it’s probably going to happen relatively soon.

In looking at what’s in the pipeline, and one thing that makes a lot of sense is Captain Marvel 2. Rick Jones was a sidekick to the original Mar-Vell, as well as Genis-Vell, and was part of some big cosmic events involving the Kree. He’d fit in perfectly there, and possibly could even use his Whisperer hacktivist identity.

Of course there’s also the possibility that he could end up being A-Bomb down the line, which would mean whatever he’s in could be connected to the Hulk. Perhaps they could introduce him in She Hulk setting up an A-Bomb future? Or maybe it’ll even be sooner than that in something like Loki.

Wherever Rick Jones debuts, he’s one character Marvel fans have wondered about in the MCU due to his long history with key members of The Avengers and his involvement in major events of comic history. If everything works out, we should see him interacting with the heroes of the MCU within the next couple of Phases.