Elsa Bloodstone Almost Starred in an ABC Marvel Series

Many Marvel fans remember last August when ABC revealed they were talking with Marvel Television about a series about a “mostly brand new” female superhero. While there has been a lot of speculation about who this hero could’ve been, with the absorption of Marvel Television into Marvel Studios as Marvel TV Studios and the majority of the Loeb-era live action stuff now being either cancelled or repurposed; we now know who this hero was supposed to be.

For a long time Marvel has been adding Elsa Bloodstone to their video games and giving the character a push. She’s in the mobile games, and she was included in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 on the Nintendo Switch. The Switch game is very interesting for a character that not many people have heard about, as all of the other characters included by default or being added to that game are much more well known.

Elsa was also a character being whispered as in the plans for something from Marvel, around the same time characters such as Helstrom, Satana, and Ghost Rider were being talked about in the same way. In fact, many were thinking she could be used in something like the Marvel Studios Blade movie or Moon Knight.

It now turns out the reasons behind all of that is that Elsa was meant for one of the Marvel Television shows on ABC. And the interesting thing about that is that with the “horror” shows on Hulu, of which only Helstrom survives, there could’ve even been a crossover between them as she fits in with that corner of the Marvel universe.

The bright side to this is now that Marvel Studios is fully in charge of the TV side of things, characters like Elsa and Ghost Rider (who had his Hulu series suddenly cancelled) could pop up in a Disney+ series or a big screen movie. With Moon Knight and Blade on the way, there’s definitely a path towards a “Midnight Sons” in the MCU, and maybe we’ll still see Elsa Bloodstone in live action after all.