Darth Krayt Rumored to Be Featured in Obi-Wan

The Obi-Wan Disney+ series may be pushed back a little bit to work on the scripts, without a change in the airdate, but that doesn’t mean things aren’t still going on behind the scenes of the show. Now a new rumor has surfaced about who might be a villain in the series.

According to The Illuminerdi, Obi-Wan was going to face off A’Sharad Hett in the show. Legends fans will recognize him as a central character in the Legacy storyline.

He’s a former Jedi master who went by A’Sharad Hett in the time when Obi-Wan was still around, but in the Legacy story (set over 100 years after A New Hope), he was known as Darth Krayt and ruled the Galactic Empire of that time.

It’s unknown if this is true or not (some people claim it comes from Reddit), but it makes a lot of sense with past events behind the scenes. It seems that George Lucas might have liked the Legacy comics as he wanted Darth Talon in the cancelled Darth Maul game and the character appeared in his early versions of Episode VII as the person who seduced Ben Solo to the Dark Side.

Including Darth Krayt in the Obi-Wan series is also a way they could potentially set up a spin-off set in the Legacy era. Doing that story 100 years after the Skywalker Saga would be a very cool setting for Lucasfilm to explore on the screen now.