Black Panther 2 May Film in Australia

The filming of Phase 4 of the MCU is taking on a very international form with major movies in the Phase being filmed all over the world. While the Disney+ series are mostly being filmed in Atlanta where many of the movies were done, movies such as Black Widow and The Eternals were based out of Pinewood Studios UK, while Shang-Chi and Thor: Love and Thunder are filming at Fox Studios in Australia.

Now another Marvel movie appears to be joining Shang-Chi and Thor down under. According to early production information being distributed; Black Panther 2 appears to be using the same studios next Spring between March and June. I should stress that early production info like this, more than a year in advance, is sometimes iffy on locations so it could change. But right now it seems like Black Panther 2 would move in right as Thor: Love and Thunder is finishing up.

That’s not to say it’ll film there exclusively, as HN Entertainment found last August that at least some of Black Panther 2 will also film in the US. That’s similar to Shang-Chi, which is filming in Australia, but is slated to come to the US for some filming in San Francisco.

Australia does have some good location advantages for a movie set in Africa as there are a lot of places there that can easily double for the continent better than a park in Atlanta with a green screen. A coastal location like Australia could also support rumors that Namor would be the villain in the film.

So it would make a lot of sense if they end up filming there, but again this information is coming out more than a year before filming is supposed to begin; so it could change in the next twelve months.