Birds of Prey Earns a B+ CinemaScore

The only user review source that uses 100% verified viewers of a movie has just come out with their verdict on Birds of Prey, and the movie has earned a B+.

CinemaScore surveys viewers as the exit the theater on opening night, which verifies that the respondents actually watched the movie in question:

Past DCEU movies have received the following CinemaScores:

Man of Steel: A-
Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice: B
Suicide Squad: B+
Wonder Woman: A
Justice League: B+
Aquaman: A-
Shazam: A
Joker: B+

So Birds of Prey rated the same as Justice League, Suicide Squad, and Joker, and with about a month without any real R-rated competition until The Invisible Man releases, it’ll probably end up doing pretty well in the end.