Ben Affleck Has Closed the Door Forever on Batman

Despite the excitement for seeing Matt Reeves’ The Batman among DC fans, there remains that small group who are holding out hope that in some way the Snyder era Batman will continue with Ben Affleck. It seems like that door is closed. Forever.

In an interview with DeWayne Hamby for his new movie The Way Back, Affleck is asked if that door is closed forever and he said:

“Yeah. I had the opportunity to write, and direct, and kind of star in a standalone Batman. And it, you know, kind of just happened at a point in my life when I kind of lost interest in those stories. I’ll go see Robert’s, I think it’s gonna be great, he’s great but this is the kind of story I’m interested in telling now.”

He was asked about twenty years in the future with a Dark Knight Returns and he laughed:

“Maybe a very old Batman would be interesting, with a walker.”

That interview makes it sound pretty definitive that he’s done and completely moved on from the cowl. Hopefully fans online will as well and look forward to more coming about The Batman over the next year before its release in summer 2021.