Speculation: Enchantress Might Be Appearing in ‘Loki’

Marvel’s Loki limited series for Disney+ is about to begin production and while the story is supposed to be a crazy romp through time and space, some interesting hints about characters in the series are coming out via casting notices being sent out.

Such as this one. Marvel is looking to cast two stand-ins for the series and the first is pretty interesting. They’re looking for a female who portrays Caucasian between 5’6″ and 5’8″ with BLONDE hair. They were very specific to specify the blonde hair. The other is an African American female a bit taller between 5’7″ to 5’9″.

At first I thought this could be for Captain Marvel and Monica Rambeau, as Brie Larson is 5’7″ and that’s right in the range of the first stand-in, however Teyonah Parris is 5’5″ and the second stand-in is supposed to be much taller than that. Also Captain Marvel wouldn’t make a whole lot of sense in a Loki series, even with him jumping around time.

Instead this really seems like they’re casting a stand-in for Enchantress, a character people have wanted to see in the MCU for a long time. Even back when Thor: The Dark World was in development people were speculating that we’d see her on the big screen. The heavy emphasis the casting gave on the person having blonde hair points to Enchantress as there really isn’t any other major Thor/Loki character or villain who will match that description. At least not one that fans would be excited about seeing in the MCU after so long.

After three Thor movies, and leading into the fourth that deals with love, the timing would be perfect for them to introduce Enchantress. And as the Disney+ series are being a place where they are introducing a lot of characters and concepts for Phase 4 and beyond, Loki would be a logical place for her to make her debut.