Report: Star Wars Rebels Sequel Series Coming This Year

It’s now 2020 and with the Skywalker Saga complete, Lucasfilm is moving full steam ahead with expanding the Star Wars universe. With the next film not hitting the big screen until 2022, the focus will be on Disney+ with Star Wars shows.

The Mandalorian just finished its first season, with a second this fall, the Obi-Wan series begins filming this summer, and there are many other shows in development.

According to Kessel Run Transmissions, and it’s something I’ve heard as well, a follow-up animated series to Star Wars Rebels featuring Ahsoka and Sabine is slated for release sometime this year. They mention that Filoni is involved, which I’ve heard as well, but I heard that he may not be directly overseeing it like he did with the original Rebels.

You can see their whole scoop in the video below: