Report: Hawkeye Delayed

One of the first Disney+ series we knew about is probably going to take a little longer to arrive, but it’s not for the reason many on the internet are thinking (or hoping) for.

According to Charles Murphy, Marvel Studios’ Hawkeye has been delayed from its scheduled start in July to an unspecified date. He was very specific to stress to people that Renner isn’t being removed from it.

While that part about Renner not being removed is definitely true, I did some checking when this report came out and that whole drama with him and his wife dominating the gossip sites has put something of a dampener on the whole development of the series. They aren’t removing the star of the show, especially after the James Gunn situation, but any sort of delay would also help that stuff dissipate from the TMZs of the world.

And as the report says, this will also give them time to find a Kate Bishop as the whole Hailee Steinfeld/Apple/Dickinson no-compete thing is still apparently an issue. I’ve heard they still want Hailee for the role, but due to the Apple situation they have started looking at and considering other options. So anything could happen with it at this point.

Hawkeye was always likely to be the last one to be released of the Disney+ series that have been revealed so far. It was originally going to be Fall 2021 before Thor: Love and Thunder. It’s just now to be a bit later than that if this turns out correct.