Rumor: The CCXP Eternals Footage May Have Revealed Who the Gay Character Is…

Last weekend when The Eternals footage debuted at CCXP 2019, fan theories of Ikaris being the promised gay character were dashed as the convention revealed that Ikaris is in a relationship with Sersi in the movie; potentially setting up a MCU love triangle with Black Knight.

Now an alleged description of the footage has surfaced, and it identifies who the gay character is in the movie.

According to a poster on Box Office Theory, Phastos is the character married with children in the film:

“We see Phastos, with civil costumes, in the company of two childrens and another guy, holding hands.”

A user on Reddit asked the poster for more details on the footage, and what he said lines up with what others described in the footage; although this is the first we’ve heard about the shot of Phastos with two children.