‘Multiverse of Madness’ Will Introduce a Character Marvel Studios Always Wanted to Use

This weekend Kevin Feige gave a talk and Q&A at the New York Film Academy, and in the process revealed some very interesting news about Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

First up, he reveals the movie will make use of a character they’ve always wanted to find a way to use in the MCU:

“The next Doctor Strange film for instance features some new MCU characters that will be making their debut in that movie that you wouldn’t expect or won’t guess who it is, but we found a cool way to make it work.

Because we needed a particular, we wanted to make a particular type of movie there, and there was a character we always wanted to do something with who we think will fit really well there.”

There have been very strong whispers of Mephisto being on the docket for Marvel Studios to use in something, and from the wording of Feige there, coupled with the scary aspects of the movie, it seems like Mephisto is the perfect fit. Just keep him away from Peter and MJ.

Feige also clarified the horror aspect of the movie:

“I wouldn’t necessarily say that’s a horror film, but it is as Scott Derrickson, or director, pitched it; it is, it’ll be a big MCU film with scary sequences in it. The way when I was a kid in the 80s Spielberg did an amazing job, I mean there are horrifying sequences in Raiders that I would sit there as a little kid and do this when their faces melted, or Temple of Doom or course, or Gremlins, or Poltergeist.

These are the movies that invented the PG-13 rating, by the way. They were PG and then they were like we need another, but that’s fun, it’s fun to be scared in that way and not a you know horrific torturous way, but in a way that’s legitimately scary. Scott Derrickson is quite good at that, but scary in the service of an exhilarating emotion.”

You can see Kevin Feige’s full Q&A in this video: