Exclusive: Marvel’s Search For Kamala Khan is Nearly Complete

One of the biggest roles in Phase 4 of the MCU is close to being announced, as it appears that Marvel is closing in on their Kamala Khan.

The casting process that searched the world for a Pakistani-American girl between 15 and 20 is now in the stage where offers are being made and negotiations are under way. That means Marvel has either found their Kamala, or they have it narrowed down to a small list of people. Either way, we might be hearing a name soon and there’s a good chance it’s going to be an unknown actress playing the role.

Marvel is also looking for a male lead in the series, someone around Kamala’s age (17-25) and who is also Pakistani. It’s possible this could be a member of Kamala’s family, or more likely a version of Bruno from the Ms. Marvel comics; who is one of Kamala’s friends and helps her hide her powers from her family.

With production of Ms. Marvel quickly approaching, we’re likely to hear some official casting news after the New Year, and it sounds like the star of the series will be one of the first to be revealed.