The ‘Limbo’ Mystery is Solved – It’s Loki!

For the last couple weeks, places such as Reddit have been speculating about a mystery Marvel “movie” with the name “Limbo” as a code-name or production name.

People speculated that it could be for Fantastic Four, or even Deadpool, and a claim was made that it would be the February 2022 release. Well, Limbo is coming much sooner than that and it’s not a movie.

The GWW did some digging and found out that Limbo Productions I LLC is actually for Loki. I can independently confirm this is the case as it’s 100% being used for the upcoming Loki series that will begin filming after the new year.

Loki is using the Limbo Productions I LLC company and the codename River Cruise for its production. And as the GWW speculates, the “1” in the name of the LLC hints that there will be multiple seasons for the show.

So now the Limbo mystery is solved.