R-Rated Marvel Content Such as Deadpool Will Stream on Hulu

Ever since Disney+ was announced, people wondered what it meant for the edgier Marvel content such as Deadpool and even the “PG-16” style content like the Netflix characters. Now we know for sure that that stuff will stream on Hulu, which Disney now owns following the Fox purchase.

This was confirmed via the Bloomberg feature today on Disney+ where Iger was giving them a tour of the new service. The piece shows that while all of The Simpsons is on Disney+, things such as Family Guy and the Deadpool movies will be streaming on Hulu.

It’s not specifically named in the feature, but it’s likely that Logan will also reside there. And there are rumors of the return of certain characters in the future when Marvel can use them, and if they were to do them in a series form; Hulu would be the place to see them.

Disney+ launches next week and there is supposed to be a bundle with it and Hulu, although details on how to sign up for that haven’t been revealed just yet. It’s also not known how soon the Deadpool movies will show up on Hulu.