More Information Surfaces About Wanda and Vision’s Kids in WandaVision

Last month, MCU Cosmic reported that we’d see Wanda and Vision’s kids in the upcoming WandaVision series. Since then, the Expanding the Universe special on Disney+ seemed to confirm the children would appear in the show based on artwork that was shown. Now there’s more information backing it up!

The initial report was based on the casting of infants for the series, since then they have cast eight-year-old boy twins for the series. The codenames they used for the casting were Timmy and Adam.

There have been rumors that the kids would grow up rapidly in the series, over the course of a week. They’d begin as infants in an episode modeled after 50s sitcoms, then appear as children in one modeled after the shows of the late 70s and early 80s, and then be teenagers in an episode modeled after more modern comedies.

Casting infants followed by eight-year-olds seems to back up this rumored plot point. Which means, as WandaVision is currently filming, it’s possible that they have or will be casting the teenaged version of the boys soon.