Jack Russell is Expected to Appear in Moon Knight

For several months there have been rumors that Marvel had plans to use the 70s horror character Jack Russell, otherwise known as Werewolf by Night, in a movie or television show in some way. Prior to the recent events at Marvel Television, there was a thought he could show up in the Hulu horror shows. But with that era coming to an end, it’s obvious he’ll be used in the MCU.

When Moon Knight was confirmed at D23 Expo back in August, many people thought the character would fit perfectly there. After all, Marc Spector made his comic debut in the pages of Werewolf By Night #32. And now it does appear that is the case, as the character of Jack Russell is expected to play some role in the upcoming Moon Knight series.

It’s not known what type of role he’ll play in the series. Originally, Moon Knight was something of a villain in Werewolf by Night who showed up to cause trouble for Russell. It wasn’t until Moony’s solo series began that the character became more of a hero.

Even more, this could be another way the series will lead into the Blade movie. There was a werewolf in the alternate ending to Blade: Trinity, which could’ve been Jack Russell (he was never called anything but “Werewolf”). The character could be used as a way to bridge Moon Knight and Blade.