Early Development on ‘Thunderbolts’ Has Begun

The loss of major leaders of The Avengers such as Iron Man, Captain America, and Black Widow in the events of Endgame has left a void in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Who will avenge the Earth in the future with its mightiest heroes decimated?

How about a ragtag group of misfits and anti-heroes led by the person responsible for the Sokovia Accords?

It’s been rumored and speculated by many for a long time, but a Thunderbolts project is now in very early development at Marvel. Most people want to see them on the big screen, but in the Disney+ era and the emphasis Marvel Studios is placing on the service and its importance to the MCU; the possibility of the team starting there in a series can’t be ruled out.

As for the MCU line up, that’s easy to begin piecing together. We know Thunderbolt Ross does appear in some way in next May’s Black Widow, whether its in the movie itself or a credits stinger is unknown, but that could be the first step to assembling his team.

Then we have people like Ghost, Justin Hammer, and even The Winter Soldier waiting to be assembled by Ross. And don’t forget about the return of Zemo, complete with his familiar hood in The Falcon and The Winter Soldier. I’m sure there will be endless speculation as to the actual team lineup for the next few years.

As it’s in early development, its likely several years away, but the MCU will finally have a very popular team of “heroes” to help fill the void left by the events of Avengers: Endgame.