Disney CEO Confirms More Star Wars Disney+ Series in Development

Today was Disney’s 4th Quarter earnings result, and as he tends to do on the conference call, Bob Iger dropped some news and this time it was for Star Wars.

When asked about the future of the franchise, he acknowledged the hiatus of the movies after The Rise of Skywalker (the next movie is in 2022), but talked about the Disney+ shows. He said that in addition to the three series that have been announced Lucasfilm has more Star Wars shows in development for Disney+:

“Star Wars has three television series that are in varying forms of production, and more in development for Disney+.”

Star Wars Unity has reported that some sort of Solo spin-off or “sequel” is in a stage of development for Disney+, but he said there were more shows coming, so there are all sorts of options where they can take Star Wars in the series format.